About us


Agrimaster is a solid, dynamic company, specialized in shredders, brush-cutter arms, design and manufacture in order to support modern farmers with great expertise and professionalism.


The Agrimaster team is comparable to an oiled mechanism that works with method and precision.
The quality of the work and its production processes is the result of reliability, skills and responsibility of the “actors” in the company: they are the added value of an entrepreneurial success that comes from teamwork.
Those who work at Agrimaster are aware of representing the excellence of Made In Italy in this sector and know that at high expectations correspond to important satisfactions, starting from the enhancement of the specific qualities of each.


The company has full control of all the production phases, from the elaboration of a design idea to the final testing, up to the delivery procedures.

The company structure is able to evolve and modify its industrial assets in order to follow the progress of the sector and seize the new opportunities offered by the market.

Every structural change follows the “Made in Agrimaster” philosophy: keeping in place the heart, soul and brain of all production cycle’s stages. In this way every customer is sure to receive a perfect machine for its use.


Agrimaster has been shaped, in its growth path and in its productive styles, in full symbiosis with the environment, obtaining the following awards:
• First Italian company in the sector to obtain the ISO 9001:2000 Quality Certification;
• One the very few companies to obtain the ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Quality Certification.
Great attention was then placed on a particularly delicate production phase, that of painting, with a large technological investment in order to ensure quality with low environmental impact.
Finally, three photovoltaic plants have also been installed for clean and renewable energy production.


Agrimaster was founded in Molinella in the early 1980s, when the first shredder with the AGRIMASTER name was built with limited resources, but with big projects in mind.